Public safety

"Real-time" is critical for you. Emergency and security services like local and federal police, fire fighters, medical rescue teams, civil protection services and the army need be in time at any-time. Discover how Suivo helps to keep a better overview on interventions.


Public Safety Solutions

With a user-friendly track and trace system you make sure that your planning & schedules go smoothly. Furthermore, you can make sure that all available drivers are working as efficiently as possible.

API integrations

API integrations

Get the most out of your data. Suivo API integrates your data fast and easy so all your systems are using the same data.

Maintenance and inspection

Guarantee uptime, stay on top of things and be always compliant with all safety regulations.
Navigation icon

Navigation & communication

From basic communication needs to innovative, advanced communication & navigation options.


We help you protect what is valuable for you: fleet, machines and equipment. All you need to carry out your business!
track trace

Track and trace

The beating heart for most of our customers, with Google Maps at it’s center. Knowing the location of all your assets!
trip log

Trip logging

Electronic driver logs make it easy to keep track of working and resting times. No more paper or manual tacho downloads.

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