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We're really happy with our customers and long term partners. Take a look at the beautiful cases we've made with them over the last few years.


cibor logo

Cibor | Better payroll administration; less work.

Thanks to Suivo, the registration and insights into Cibor's employees' time allocation and usage improved considerably. They keep track of their own movements and working hours, which is much easier for technicians and administrative staff. Data processing is faster and with fewer errors.


De watergroep
De Watergroep

De Watergroep | Corporate responsibility and cost efficiency go hand in hand

Caring is one of the core values of De Watergroep. Taking care of the resources used, paying attention to safety and the environment, and working in a cost-conscious way. With the new technology of Suivo we can take further steps forward in the field of sustainability, efficiency and cost awareness.



Hoogmartens Road Construction prepares for a digital future

We installed a time registration system and Suivo automatically calculates the worked hours. Employees do not have to come to the office, but their details do arrive at the payroll department every day.


watergenius front
watergenius logo

Watergenius | A fully integrated solution covering planning, route optimisation and digital ordering

Watergenius is a business specialised in filtering and recycling water for a wide number of applications for both consumers and businesses. As part of their mission, Watergenius employs a number of mobile technicians who are responsible for installing and maintaining the solutions Watergenius offers.


Van moer

Van Moer Logistics tracked 1400 trailers

The major advantage of the Suivo system is the simplification of our planning, which allows us to save a lot of time. Other benefits include theft prevention and accurate reporting to our customers. (...)



Cegelec | Check-in-at-work: fully automated

We feared that we would have to use additional admin staff. That is why we chose to automate our check-in-at-work with Suivo. It reduces a lot of stress for both the people in the office and as on our construction sites.


ciaw in a vehicle

Heli goes into the cloud

In order to remain competitive, we needed to bundle all phases of our machine rental - from orders, through planning and transportation and even inspection and repairs - into one system.



Multiobus | Suivo ensures efficient fleet management

Multiobus registers and monitors driving behavior over their complete fleet of auto cars and busses with Suivo soft- and hardware components. Resulting in a noticeable drop of fuel consumption and at the same time an increase of safety for both, chauffeurs and passengers.



H4A | 3.000 assets in one system

For construction companies it is crucial to have the right material available at the right time on their cnstruction sites. Dutch construction company, H4A, uses Suivo trackers and tags to monitor their assets and tools to register usage, location and inspection information.


de rycke

De Rycke | Automatic status increase control of logistics process

Due to an enormous expansion, Gebroeders De Rycke has completely modernised its IT environment. The final step was a new on-board computer application for their mixers. De Rycke will be able to use its resources more effectively and hire less external subcontractors.

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