Cegelec | Check-in-at-work: fully automated

We feared that we would have to use additional admin staff. That is why we chose to automate our check-in-at-work with Suivo. It reduces a lot of stress for both the people in the office and as on our construction sites.


In 2010, the Cegelec business units joined VINCI Energies and thus bring their expertise in automation, instrumentation and control, climate and electrical engineering.

Within VINCI Energies, the Cegelec business units offer a major proportion of the group’s expertise and provide technological services for companies and public authorities. From design to multi-technical maintenance, these business units cover a wide variety of business lines and their teams support customers’ ambitious projects from start to finish.

The challenge


On 1 October 2014 the mandatory attendance registration on construction sites, the so-called “checkinatwork”, was launched. From then on, in order to be compliant with this new legislation, construction companies need to report the times their employees are working on a daily basis. Benny Vandevenne, COO at Cegelec in Zwijndrecht, says: “We were worried we needed to employ additional administrative personnel and would have an increased error rate.

That’s why we chose to automate our checkinatwork.”

This new tool needed to meet a number of demands. First of all, it had to be implemented in a very short period of time. Then, it also needed to be user- friendly for all employees. Moreover, everyone needed to be able to use the tool; employees who are able to register in their company vehicle as well as employees who use public transport, their motorcycle or their bicycle to reach the construction site.

The solution

Widespread integration

Checkin@Suivo allows for a simple attendance registration both in the vehicle and on the construction site. Employees can register with a badge reader in the vehicle which is linked in advance to the site in question. Suivo has been Cegelec’s partner since 2010; the application traces Cegelec’s fleet of 550 utilitarian vehicles and automatically registers when a company vehicle enters the site area. The site lead automatically receives a report which allows him to validate who checked in and who didn’t. The registered data are then automatically passed on to the National Social Security Office (RSZ).

Employees who use other transportation to reach the site can use the construction site terminals to register.

The information is transmitted from the terminal to Suivo and then to the NSSO’s checkinatwork. With everything done automatically, there is no chance of errors which is comforting as the fines can start to accumulate quickly.

We wanted a zero chance of making mistakes when registering 500 employees for the new attendance registration.
Benny Vandevenne

Substantial cost reduction

Suivo was able to offer Cegelec a solution in a very short period of time with a single system for the 500 employees in their 4 company branches. By using the registration tool Checkin@Suivo, Cegelec saves a considerable head count as manual input of the 20,000 registrations per month would cost them 2 extra employees. In addition to this substantial cost reduction, the automated registration also brings the chances of errors to zero. If the attendance registration is not done correctly, the fines can go from €60 to €6,000.

In the future Cegelec wants to take things even further. On top of the attendance registration they want to use the application for a complete time registration: the employees clock-in when they leave at home, when they arrive at the construction site, when they start to work, when they leave the site and when they arrive home.

By integrating these data into Cegelec’s SAP ERP system, the information can be used for remuneration, activity costing …

The results