B&R | Simplified Check-in-at-work

Construction Company B&R has opted for the telematics platform Suivo, which offers an complete solution for both, project employees and teams in general construction companies. By fully automating the administration, B&R realizes considerable time savings and reduced the margin of errors.


B&R Bouwgroep NV was established in 2001. Today, this group has 22 specialist companies and more than 850 employees. All construction disciplines are represented within the Bouwgroep so that every assignment can be carried out from A to Z.

The challenge

Mandatory attendance tracking

The group was looking for a partner to be able to easily comply with the mandatory attendance registration in construction, the so-called check-in-at- work.
With a total fleet of 108 vans, trucks and other construction machines, they required a fully scalable and modular solution in order to be future-proof.

The solution

Check in at work

Hooyberghs (part of B&R Bouwgroep) opted for the Suivo IoT platform – which we used to call ‘Telematics’ platform – because of the scalability and modularity of the solution.

Kurt Baggen, Administrative Director at Hooyberghs, is an advocate of Suivo: ”Ensuring a correct registration of more than 300 construction workers over more than 70 construction sites across Belgium is a challenge. We wanted to present our workers with a simple solution and make sure our administrative personnel didn’t get any additional workload. Thanks to Suivo we achieved both objectives.”

Given that Suivo is conceived as an open IT platform, it integrates seamlessly with Hooyberghs’ ERP system (MS Dynamics). This brings the additional benefit of further optimizing the company’s administrative processes.

Our staff can sign in easily with their badge and we have less administration and absolutely no mistakes. We estimate this is saving us the equivalent of two FTEs.
Kurt Baggen
Administrative Director

The results

The B&R Bouwgroep will use more modules of Suivo in the future to improve and optimize its business processes. Added value will be created by registering and analysing data generated by the company’s cranes, trucks and heavy machinery. By linking these assets to Suivo via a simple CAN- bus connection, the company will receive accurate data regarding fuel consumption, working hours and fault codes. This, in turn, will help make vital decisions on predictive maintenance, protecting the company’s assets and increasing their lifespan.
Suivo also offers a solution to automate asset management. With this solution, the problem of underutilized tools, lost, stolen or broken tools due to lack of maintenance, will be a thing of the past.